C - Country J - Jazz S - Standard
CR - Country Rock P - Polkas SD - Square Dance
D - Dixieland R - Rock T40 - Top 40
HR - Hard Rock R&R - Rock and Roll Vcl = Vocalist



The "standard" dance combo usually consists of a piano, bass, and drums, and is usually augmented by a sax, trumpet, and/or trombone.  All of the standard bands emphasize the popular music and jazz of the 30's through the present.  In general, they will not sound like a "rock" band because they don't stress the use of electronically amplified instruments.  Some bands may include a vocalist.  Most can also do polkas, waltzes, and Latin-American selections.

Adams, Dan 330-466-4075 Wooster Wooster Jazz Trio 3 S, J
Brown Steve 419-884-0801 Lexington Good Vibes 4-5 S, J, 50's - 60's
Cary, Andy 330-620-4474 Wooster Standard Time Jazz 4 J, S
Hall, Percy 419-522-1088 Mansfield The Percy Hall Orchestra 5-7 S (D)
Martin, Paul 419-289-6361 Ashland Paul Martin  Jazz Combo 2-6 S, J
Martin, Paul 419-289-6361 Ashland Stardust 9 20's - 50's, Vcl
Martin, Paul 419-289-6361 Ashland The Artistic Jazz Orchestra 19 20's - 50's, Vcl, Kenton
Maxwell, Mark 419-884-1838 Lexington AFM Local 159 Big Jazz Band 19 J, S
Pasquerello, Tony 419-756-7332 Mansfield Tony Rello Trio 3 S (J)
Reed. Britt 419-688-9357 Mansfield Just Jazz Trio 3 Standards and Jazz
Thauvette, Ralph 419-342-7140
Shelby The Ribtickler Variety Band 5-7  S, D, Swing, Vcl, 50's thru 70's, CR, P, R, Latin

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