Music Performance Trust Funds

        The Music Performance Trust Funds (MPTF) is one of the finest examples of labor-management cooperation in the world. MPTF makes it possible for people in the United States and Canada to enjoy, free of charge, live music in their community.

        Over 25,000 individual performances are enjoyed each year by more than 20 million people, presented in venues as diverse as parks, shopping malls, churches, concert halls, veterans' hospitals, nursing homes and in schools.

        Today music programs in our public schools struggle to survive because governments at every level have cut back on their funding. Yet it is widely known that music education enhances a child's ability to read and learn. Responding to this situation, the MPTF has made music education a major focus of its activities. In recent years 44% of all MPTF audiences have been 18 years of age or younger. One recent MPTF initiative is the awarding of hundreds of instrumental music scholarships to insure the availability of highly trained professional musicians for tomorrow's audiences.


        To make more programs possible, co-sponsorship by a wide variety of organizations is encouraged. These co-sponsors receive full value for their participation. Virtually every dollar stays in the community and goes to pay the performing musicians.

        Co-sponsors are encouraged to publicize their contributions to the public, and a wide variety of organizations (from Sprint Telephone and Bank One to the Ontario Local Schools in Ontario, and everything in between) have found it advantageous to participate.

        Major corporations, local banks and department stores, newspapers, radio stations, municipal school districts, universities, state arts councils, hospitals. These and many other organizations co-sponsor MPTF performances. The MPTF assumes the cost and responsibility of payrolling and insurance for all programs.

        Where else can co-sponsors of public service events be sure that virtually their entire investment will go toward the actual presentations, and that the cost of their projects will be shared? Every type and genre of music is encouraged and available for admission-free concerts to the public.

What Kind of Performances are Eligible for Funding?

Any and all manner of musical styles and groups are eligible provided the venue is FREE and OPEN to the public in general. No commercial tie or special interest fund raisers may be connected with the performance.

        Types of performances include Park Concerts, In-School time Educational Concerts, Mall Concerts, Seniors' Residencies, Noon- hour Programs, Special Day Public Events, etc. -- virtually any admission- free musical event.

How Does A Co-Sponsor Apply For A Performance?

        Proposals are submitted to the Local Office 45 days prior to the event. The office will attempt to determine if all funding criteria are met.

The proposal should contain the following information

** The Mansfield Federation of Musicians can provide a list of professional groups.  Check under the "DIRECTORY OF BANDS" heading on our Home Page.


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