GMAN and others - Please help with calendar sync question

okay, so the following steps worked before which GMAN provided in order to sync all my 6000+ calendar events going back to 2003. These were the steps that I followed:
"Go to accounts, then ur google account and turn off all sync.

1.) Go to applications>manage applications and click the "all" tab up top.

2) Find the calendar app and the calendar storage app. Tap them and then hit clear cache and clear data in both.

3) Go to settings>date and time and unchecked the option for set date and time automatically.

4) Manually adjust the date and time on the phone to Jan 1st 2003 (you did say u wanted to go back to 2003 right?)

5) Now go back to accounts and recheck all sync options in ur Google account. Let it sync for a while then you can go back into time and date and check the auto time and date and do another sync.

You should see all hose events populate into ur calendar shortly. It may be a slight delay after sync."

Now I had to factory reset my Thunderbolt and do it again, but for some reason, it doesn't appear to be working this time around. Either that or I am not allowing it enough time. I have a couple questions, when I re-sync the device as in step 5 above I get a spinning sync wheel next to the Google, "Sync Calendar" under Accounts and Sync on the Thunderbolt. The icon then stops spinning and freezes. Does this mean that it is still Syncing once the icon stops spinning? Will it disappear once the sync is completed? How do I know when the Sync is completed? Also, how long should it take approximately to sync approximately 6000 events that contain a few lines of notes on most of them?


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