Advice or help needed porting OMNI rom for OP2

i am trying to port omni ROM for oneplus2 using device tree of unofficial CM13 builds that are available for OP2.

What i have done so far and what i think i need help with

1. i have synced omni ROM android 6.0 source
2. i have also added local manifest file to .repo/manifest/ folder

my local_manifest file contains this

<manifest> <project path="device/oneplus/oneplus2" name="regalstreak/android_device_oneplus_oneplus2" remote="github" revision="cm-13.0" /> <project path="kernel/oneplus/msm8994" name="regalstreak/android_kernel_oneplus_msm8994" remote="github" revision="cm-13.0" /> <project path="vendor/oneplus" name="regalstreak/android_vendor_oneplus" remote="github" revision="cm-13.0" /> </manifest>

i synced repo again after creating loacl manifest file and addidng that device tree. it synced fine but i can't seemto find files that are mentioned here on this page

where are these files (omni make file, and located and in which folder? or do i need to amke them and move them in some specific folder?
i can edit these files, i just need to know the location or where to place them?

3. i have edited or made the bve mentioned files adn those can be seen here if you want to have a look at them

took lot of time to figure some basic GIt tsuff and push them online.

4. biggest hep i need is with omni dependencies file. i know how to male most of it but again, where to put it and hwo to get started with it. i figured out the example mentioned on the omni rom website and also had a look at oneplus one omni dependencies file. here is the text from oneplus one dependencies file

[ { "remote": "omnirom", "repository": "android_hardware_qcom_display-caf-msm8974", "target_path": "hardware/qcom/display-caf-msm8974", "revision": "android-6.0" }, { "remote": "omnirom", "repository": "android_hardware_qcom_media-caf-msm8974", "target_path": "hardware/qcom/media-caf-msm8974", "revision": "android-6.0" }, { "remote": "omnirom", "repository": "android_hardware_qcom_audio-caf-msm8974", "target_path": "hardware/qcom/audio-caf-msm8974", "revision": "android-6.0" }, { "remote": "omnirom", "repository": "android_device_qcom_caf-sepolicy", "target_path": "device/qcom/sepolicy", "revision": "android-6.0" }, { "remote": "omnirom", "repository": "android_device_oppo_msm8974-common", "target_path": "device/oppo/msm8974-common", "revision": "android-6.0" }, { "remote": "omnirom", "repository": "android_kernel_oppo_msm8974", "target_path": "kernel/oppo/msm8974", "revision": "android-6.0" }, { "remote": "omnirom", "repository": "android_frameworks_av", "target_path": "frameworks/av-caf", "revision": "android-6.0-caf" }, { "remote": "omnirom", "repository": "android_frameworks_native", "target_path": "frameworks/native-caf", "revision": "android-6.0-caf" }, { "remote": "omnirom", "repository": "android_external_stlport", "target_path": "external/stlport", "revision": "android-6.0" }, { "remote": "omnirom", "repository": "android_hardware_sony_boringssl-compat", "target_path": "hardware/sony/boringssl-compat", "revision": "android-6.0" }, { "remote": "omnirom", "repository": "android_hardware_ril", "target_path": "hardware/ril-caf", "revision": "android-6.0-caf" }, { "remote": "omnirom", "repository": "vendor_qcom_opensource_display-frameworks", "target_path": "vendor/qcom/opensource/display-frameworks", "revision": "android-6.0" } ]

avove code is for oneplus one and i am building for oneplus 2. which is msm8994 and omni rom doesn't have its repor so iwill have to take it from somewhere else. like from garak or regalstreak repo. which i understand. but i can't seemto find full them or what i found was not enough according to me.

From regalstreak cmdependencies file

[ { "repository": "android_device_qcom_common", "target_path": "device/qcom/common" }, { "repository": "android_external_stlport", "target_path": "external/stlport" }, { "repository": "android_external_sony_boringssl-compat", "target_path": "external/sony/boringssl-compat" } ]

i am guessing above stuff should be enough if its not then also i will figure out the rest of the stuff that needed in this. just need confirmation on this and why is it not showing on my computer OMNI folder? or where is it?

4. brunch command.
with all the above stuff not sorted out i though why not try building the ROM and see what i am missing by errors that i get.
i know too early to do that but just from learning point of view i did it.

brunch oneplus2 gave following error


build/core/ *** Can not locate config makefile for product "omni_oneplus2". Stop. Your device can't be found in device sources.. Traceback (most recent call last): File "build/tools/", line 296, in <module> fetch_device(device) File "build/tools/", line 265, in fetch_device git_data = search_gerrit_for_device(device) File "build/tools/", line 78, in search_gerrit_for_device device_data = check_repo_exists(git_data, device) File "build/tools/", line 58, in check_repo_exists "exiting roomservice".format(device=device)) Exception: oneplus2 not found,exiting roomservice build/core/ *** Can not locate config makefile for product "omni_oneplus2". Stop.

** Don't have a product spec for: 'omni_oneplus2' ** Do you have the right repo manifest?

from what i can figure out from above error its all because of those files which i can't seem to find. editing comes later.

So as of now all inedd is those file location, iwill edit them myself and if i have to move them some where else so where to move them??

thank you for reading all this. i am noob when it comes to building ROM so if you help me, then please use simpler term or steps with little details.

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