My LG G Flex 2 randomly shut off and now won't turn back on no matter what I do?

So, i was watching a YouTube video on my LG G Flex 2, and the screen randomly went black. I thought i may have just accidentally pressed on the power button, or maybe my phone was doing a random reboot (which it has done in the past). After i found that it was not turning on, i tried to plug it into the charger that came with the phone, and no lights were showing, so i then went to google to find out what i could. I found a post somewhere that said to plug it into a slow charger, like a computer, and then try to turn it on. I tried this and it worked. (my pc could still detect my phone somehow, even though it was off) For about 25 seconds this got my phone on. The phone got through booting, but when everything had fully loaded, the phone rebooted. I thought this was strange and took the charger out from the bottom when my background and lock screen had just loaded. This lead to my phone freezing, and turning off again. I have just tried to do the same thing again, but this time there is nothing occurring. I am still getting signal from my phone to the PC, but it says that it was unable to get the drivers for the phone, so i am getting the dull connection tone, and the phone is just laying here.
I hope i was able to give enough information for you to understand the situation.
- Dan

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