1.  Professional Pride 16. Immigration Assistance
 2.  AFM Website with access to online contracts, etc. 17. International Musician and Local Newsletters
 3.  Member Directories 18. AFL-CIO Affiliation
 4.  Booking and Referral Programs 19. Central Labor Council & Provincial Labor Council Support
 5.  252 Local Union Offices 20. Contract Guarantee Fund
 6.  AFM-Employers' Pension Fund 21. Access to Union Privilege Programs
 7.  Sound Recording Special Payments Fund 22. Help Wanted/At Liberty Registry
 8.  Motion Picture Secondary Markets Fund 23. Access to Health and Disability Insurance
 9.  Music Performance Fund 24. Legislative Representation in Washington and Ottawa
10. Collection and Distribution of New Use Money 25. Access to Credit Cards with preferred rates
11. Partnership with Sound Exchange 26. Discounts on computers,  musical instruments, etc.
12. Assistance with Recording & Broadcasting Contracts 27. Organizing Assistance
13. Negotiation of Collective Bargaining Agreements 28. Lester Petrillo Fund for Disabled Members
14. Emergency Travel Assistance Program 29. Access to list of all symphonic auditions
15. Equipment and Liability Insurance 30. Symphony, Opera, Ballet Strike Fund

Association, Unity, and Strength with more than 100,000 musicians in the
United States and Canada

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